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Welcome to the Sherman Cohn Library at the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH)!

About Sherman Cohn Library

Our Library is a special place of wisdom and knowledge named in honor of Professor Sherman L. Cohn, J.D., a benefactor, former Chair of the MUIH Board, and a longtime Library advocate. To read more about Sherman Cohn and our Library, click here. At the Library we are dedicated to serving you.
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Sherman Cohn and the Library

Sherman L. Cohn At first glance, our Library appears to be small. And while this may not reflect the wealth of information contained within the many special and small press titles on our shelves, or residing a mouse-click away in our electronic resources, the first iteration of our Library was even smaller.

It was, in fact, a closet.

During the first few years of it's existence, the Library was called several different names including "book closet," "study room," "Learning Resource Center," and "biblioteka". Sherman Cohn's involvement with the University began in 1975--the closet years--and his leadership was fundamental to the development of the Library. His extensive experience as a Lawyer and Law Professor was undoubtedly reflected in an appreciation of the written word, as well as familiarity with academic accreditation standards and accrediting bodies. He believed the institution should have a strong library, and he became one of the most vocal supporters for building the Library's collection.

At that time, the institution was a graduate school of acupuncture, and administrators had differing views about the need to develop and utilize a library. Some believed that because acupuncture was primarily an oral tradition handed down from seasoned practitioner to attentive apprentice, building a library was not a priority. Sherman Cohn's strength was that he could appreciate this view and remain a strong advocate for creating a carefully selected collection of works containing the written word. And so the Library grew because of Cohn's vision.

As the institution sought Middle States accreditation for the first time in 2005, it became clear to everyone how important a strong library would be to the school. Thanks to Sherman Cohn, such a Library was already in place. The accreditors could easily view a collection that was already serving students and faculty needs, and met or exceeded the accrediting body's requirements and expectations.

The Library was named in honor of Sherman Cohn on September 30, 2010. It was proud day for the Library and the University that was celebrated with a dedication ceremony, installation of a plaque at the entrance to the Library, and refreshments. Today, our Library has far outgrown the closet. It now houses an extensive collection of more than 9,000 health and wellness titles, and is open to students and the public. While our University has experienced some name changes, the spirit of a dedication plaque that is mounted at the Library entrance reads something like the following:

Dedication of the Library

The Sherman Cohn Library is named in honor of Professor Sherman L. Cohn whose love of life, family, lifelong learning and the law is an inspiration to all.

Sherman Cohn was instrumental in the establishment of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute and its maturing into the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

He has served as Chair of the Board, legal counsel, and generous benefactor. Through the years Sherman has demonstrated extraordinary friendship, passionate leadership, and unwavering support.

We are pleased to recognize and name this special place of wisdom and knowledge in honor of a man who believes so steadfastly in the healing power and potential of the University's vision and mission.